Learning that fits

Prodigy was founded to provide children with an education that would fit the learner, to partner closely with the parent, to engage the student in authentic learning, and to invite God to be in the center of everything.

The founders, Russell and Amy Grammer, made it their ultimate goal to celebrate each student. Having spent years teaching public school with an approach based on a one-size-fits-all structure, they wanted to value the individual skills and abilities of each child.

In place of the passage of time, where a learner is simply moved on to the next grade level based on age, Prodigy looks at the individual as a whole. The emphasis is to meet children where they are through a close teacher/child and teacher/parent relationship. By grouping children in multi-grade level classes, students can work at their level, be leaders to those around them, and be inspired to attain higher levels of achievement.

A love of learning develops as children learn at their level, as well as when their interests are valued. Teachers support student and classroom growth by developing projects and learning environments that capitalize on the interests of the child and class.

A healthy child also needs many layers of support. Those layers come from healthy relationships with God, family, friends, teachers, and the community. We believe children need these good relationships to develop and mature into fulfilled people able to care for others. The Prodigy teachers and parents make it their priority to be highly attentive to each child and their relational needs. If someone has a need, others are eager to give support.

Students are celebrated for who they are. When they are encouraged to wonder, ask questions of interest, explore the community, and are surrounded by healthy relationships, they thrive.