Our Programs

Prodigy is a full-time school program serving PreK – High School.

Early Childhood (Pre-K through 2nd Grade)

Our early childhood program consists of learning for the young child ages 4-7. Meaningful and developmentally age appropriate experiences provide students the opportunity to discover, wonder, and investigate the world around them.  Time in the outdoors and local community offers exploration experiences,  building an appreciation of God’s creation and a love for the people within their community.  Working together to solve problems, students improve their communication skills and practice asking questions. A strong foundation in literacy and number sense is a priority emphasis at this age.  Bible stories, daily prayer, and corporate worship times nurtures students with the accurate understanding that God is at the center of everything and encourages students to grow in their faith. Empathy and compassion begin in these early years through acts of service in the classroom and community.

Elementary (Grades 3-6; ages 8-10)

Students continue to ask questions and find answers. They access a variety of resources to discover solutions.  Project management becomes increasingly important as they collaborate, plan, and implement their designs to achieve excellent outcomes.  Students exercise creativity in giving presentations to their peers. They offer helpful feedback and receive encouragement and suggestions for improvement from their peers.  At this age, academics are increasingly complex and abstract.  Students learn the importance of perseverance and tenacity as they navigate through difficult challenges.  Compassion and empathy continue to be ongoing principles and students experience the fulfillment of activities that help those in need.  Learning is authentic.  Students read with animals at the Humane Society or develop relationships with experienced friends at retirement homes.  As always, teachers seek to keep each student at his or her optimum level of development.

Intermediate (Grades 7-8; ages 11-13)

Along with continued project-management, rigorous academics, skill development, and service activities, community networking becomes more of an intentional practice. Students practice communication skills through a variety of authentic interactions. In this developmental stage, students are encouraged to take more responsibility and are provided with more complex projects. Accountability also increases as students become more independent.  They practice setting long-term and short-term goals and accomplishing them. This is the time of life that students who are provided with optimal support grow the foundational character skills that will serve them in living a fulfilled and successful life. Students take on a variety of leadership roles now that they are becoming more expert in their creative expressions and knowledge. Personal initiative is celebrated and affirmed. Perseverance is required and fostered. The faith journey becomes even more contemplative and meaningful as students practice facilitating worship and conversations.

High School (Grades 9-12; ages 14-18)

Because the Prodigy learning experience provides optimal talent growth and skill development, students are “Ready for Life”, with the knowledge, capabilities, and commitment to make the most of every situation.  In the Prodigy High School, the students have their final years to practice real-life.  They continue preparation for their next life journey, whether it is career, college, service, creating, innovating, supporting, building, fixing, making a difference, and living a life of faith and love. The Prodigy image of the high school student is complex, dynamic, and truly wonderful. Students are: motivated, self-driven and self-disciplined, competent and able to freely & respectfully express opinions.  They desire a strong faith perspective and knowledge base. They like to play and enjoy life while also having significant accountability and a strong work ethic. They understand their own ethnic heritage while also respecting, honoring, and loving their fellow humans and creation.

Spanish Instruction

Another long-time vision aspect of Prodigy is to incorporate foreign language instruction that is especially targeted to the students in grades Pre-K through 6th.  Brain research shows that it is in these early years that students are most capable of learning a second language.  Find out more about the benefits for children who learn a second language in this article posted by Michigan State University –

Prodigy Roots

Roots – The part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support(foundation), typically underground, conveying water and nourishment via numerous branches and fibers.

How do our roots grow?

  1. At Prodigy, our roots grow in Christ 
    1. And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.  Colossians 2:6-7 (NLT)
  2. We introduce children to things that have been lost in our modern educational culture
    1. Through hands-on learning students use agricultural opportunities to develop creativity, imagination, and practical skills

Hands-on learning and exploration open doors of endless possibilities on the beautiful 38 acres that Prodigy sits upon.  God asks us to steward His gifts well and to develop these avenues for our students, families and community, requires a cost.  We believe He has placed before us not only a solution to this financial dilemma, but also an opportunity for lifelong education that will shape the lives of generations to come.

Athletics, Adventure, and Recreation

Intertwining an active sports life with faith, Prodigy Leadership Academy’s Athletics and Recreation Program endeavors to make physical education and active living appealing to the youth and our children. Our goal is excellent physical living and creating a sports’ facility that elevates Prodigy and leaves a mark through teams that embody skilled and praying students, giving glory to God, and enjoying themselves!


Prodigy offers an aftercare program for students who need an extended day for working parents.  Starting at 4:15 and ending at 5:30, students take time both in and outdoors playing games and interacting with one another.

Friday Program

The Prodigy Friday Program offers engaging opportunities that include hands-on activities and access to community locations from 8-3 on Fridays for students enrolled.  Click here for additional information and to sign up.

P.L.A.Y. Outdoors Summer Camp

In the summer of 2020 Prodigy offered their first summer week long day camp.  Students participated in numerous outdoor activities ranging from archery, canoeing, trail walks, art in nature and pioneer learning endeavors.  We are look forward to this engaging week in the summer! See information on the current year.

Literacy Reinforcement

The reading instructor gives students between the ages of 5-9 a Rigby assessment three times a year to monitor progress, check for understanding, measure growth and assess skills.  Using this assessment, coupled with teacher observations, students needing additional reading support have the opportunity to work with a reading specialist to improve skills.  The specialist collaborates and works closely with the lead teacher to plan and implement instructional strategies as well as monitor skills development.

Special Education

Students needing additional learning and skill attainment support have the opportunity to meet regularly with a special education teacher.  Working closely with the lead teacher and parents, the special education instructor plans, modifies and implements curricula with learning strategies to meet the needs of the student and support further growth.