COVID-19 Communication


The safety of your children and the wellbeing of our Prodigy families are our main priorities. We are committed to meeting the cognitive, physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional needs of the whole child. Therefore, in order to minimize risk regarding the COVID-19 virus, Prodigy will be taking the following precautionary measures:

The Prodigy campus is built for such a time as this…


Separated cabin classrooms with plenty of ventilation and natural light

No sharing of hallways 

Individual air systems and bathrooms

Plentiful outdoor learning spaces & more time in nature increases the immune system and overall health

Mealtimes are within the individual cabin classrooms or outdoor picnics

Supply fee allows mass purchasing with single person distribution, thus reducing number of germs introduced into the classroom 

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

Daily sanitizing measures…

Daily disinfecting of all surface areas including but not limited to doorknobs, chairs, tables, and various areas of contact

Air purifiers that recycle the air every thirty minutes for every classroom 

Hand-sanitizing stations with age-appropriate visible instructions for students

Ensuring and implementing good hand cleaning habits

Lots of windows to open and allow for fresh air

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

In the event of a COVID concern or case …


Children who exhibit signs of sickness need to remain at home for 24 hours

Child who exhibit signs of sickness needs to remain at home

Students with a positive test result needs to remain home for ten days

Parents of children within the class and anyone who had contact with the test-positive child will be notified. Siblings of the test-positive child will remain home for 14 days or a negative test result

If fewer than 25% of a class tests COVID positive, the class will continue to meet in person. If 25% or more test COVID positive, the class will shift to remote learning. If more than 25% of the student body is COVID positive, then the whole school shifts to remote learning for two weeks 

If a teacher or assistant tests COVID positive, the teacher and assistant will remain home for the appropriate quarantine time. Students of the class or others who had contact with the staff member will be notified, and the class will continue with a substitute teacher

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!



Classroom procedures …


Limited group sharing of classroom materials such as pencils, crayons, scissors, etc.

When working indoors, students and teachers will have the option to wear a mask or other form of protective face covering

Students who choose to wear a mask are encouraged to bring their own, however, Prodigy will have additional disposable masks on hand

Student interactions during recess will be limited to smaller numbers as student groups will spread throughout the outdoor campus

Limited field trips

Whole school worship will be outdoors weather permitting, otherwise held within individual cabins

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!


For further concerns or questions please contact Russell Grammer at




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