Restoring the Juden Schoolhouse No. 1

The Juden Schoolhouse No. 1 is a piece of Cape Girardeau County history which predates the American Civil War and has been slowly falling into disrepair over the last couple decades. However, the property sits adjacent to our school property, and so it has been a dream for some time now for Prodigy to acquire the schoolhouse and restore it as a history preservation project. The owners of the property, recently, were happy to allow Prodigy to purchase the property for this purpose.

Following the sale and restoration, the schoolhouse will serve as a museum to its history, as well as a general store for our Prodigy Roots agriculture program. Students will be involved every step of the way!



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Important Dates

  • AUG 19 | Open House – Back to School Night, 6-8 pm

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