This is What Education Should Look Like

For us Prodigy wasn’t so much an escape from something that wasn’t working.  It was more like we finally saw what education should look like and what that could mean for our children.  

As business owners who work with other business owners every day, my wife and I have seen a real shift in the type of workers that are needed in every workplace.  What we see in this shift is a move from the need for simple order takers to the need for people who can really think through a problem, find a solution, and act on it.  The way we work today is so much different than the workplace of 80 or 50…or even just 15 years ago.  

With readily available information and automation changing so much about how we work, it’s pretty frustrating to realize that the typical classroom looks almost exactly the same as it did 80 years ago…rows of desks with a board of some type at the front where the teacher is.  This isn’t the real world anymore.  And it shouldn’t be what our children’s classrooms look like either.  In Prodigy, we found a match between needs that we are witnessing in real life and a school that is striving to meet those real life needs.

What we also found at Prodigy is acceptance.  Teachers are accepting of students at every stage of learning.  They challenge them every step of the way to succeed while also supporting them when they experience failure.  And maybe the most amazing thing is that the students are allowed to experience failure.  Understanding what failure feels like and what to do about it is such a crucial skill as an adult.  Most of the world today would shelter children from that experience, but what kind of chance does that give them as an adult?  

So my kids fail in school…and it’s amazing!  This means they will be ready to overcome challenges and failures throughout their life.  And it is a skill they will learn early in life. Kids are resilient…they are amazing…and they are capable of so much.  Prodigy allows them to realize those capabilities.

Since joining Prodigy Leadership Academy, our children have thrived academically.  We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made.



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