Facts & Highlights

Multi-Age Grouping

Having two grade levels together provides for a dynamic exchange of learning between students. In the children’s future, it is highly unlikely that they will fulfill careers with only same-age peers. Placing students of different ages together promotes opportunities for service and leadership of one-another. The emphasis is on individual ability of each child, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Because relationship is a key aspect of tailoring to each child, it is beneficial to have the students with the same teacher for 2 years instead of just one.

4-Day Week

PLA has a 4-day school week with days beginning at 8 am and ending at 4 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Friday program is available.

Low Ratio High Relationship

The ratio of children to adults is typically 7 or 8 to 1. If the many volunteers are factored in, the ratio is even lower numbers of students per adult. This is an effective arrangement in a gifted educational program in which the adults really get to know the whole child as an intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual being. Strong, positive relationships equate to optimized learning opportunities.

Community as Classroom

Students at Prodigy frequently access local community resources, go places, meet people, learn what they do and why, and fulfill service projects to benefit the town. We believe learning is best when it is active and engaging.

Individualized Instruction

A key facet of the Prodigy program is adapting learning to fit the child. The highly qualified team of educators ensure rigorous content, development of effective learning skills, and strong relational growth for each student.