Blake Brown

From gardening with my Papa, to canning preserves with my Granny, agriculture has been part of my life since childhood. I have always had a passion for growing things and raising animals. But over the last several years this passion has grown into a hobby and then into a lifestyle. It is now a dream to see my family 100% self-sufficient in raising our own food and providing for our family the way I believe God intended for us to do. To think that I would have an opportunity to teach others how this is possible is beyond exciting for me. I not only want to know these things myself but I want to instill them into others so they too can return to the roots and ways of their ancestors in order to become less reliant to others or more dependent on God and his creation.

With opportunities God has given me in all types of ministries from youth to adults, I believe He has equipped me to build relationships with not noy the children but also their families. By doing this, we can show others what it looks like to live a more self-sufficient life while leaning on our Creator for his provision. It is then, I believe, the book of Acts will come to life in a community-based living.

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