Christy Bachew

To be among those who foster an environment for the whole child, uniquely hearing God’s voice and growing in wisdom is a priceless opportunity. The vision of Prodigy’s way of learning envelopes the whole child and extends to the family.

In the past twenty-five plus years I have worked with hundreds of children, youth and adults. Navigating a language of learning that no one seemed to understand and I could not find words to explain. Prodigy provides this language a place of learning for not only the students but also myself. Learning from the leaders and teachers that have forged the vision of education through God’s voice. I look forward to providing an environment for students to grab skills and tools in music, art, movement, the word of God and communication. Prodigy is a place where learning has a wholistic voice in the world of education that needs to be heard. What a joy to be a part of passionate people growing lifelong learners and servants that don’t see education and serving as a duty only but also as beauty. I love serving and learning and look forward to this year with Prodigy!

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