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Pay Portal

Welcome to Prodigy Leadership Academy’s Pay Portal.

This system allows for fast and easy payment of school accounts and activities. You can use the ACH Bank Payment option to quickly transfer payment from your bank account to the school bank account with the click of a button.

Or use the Credit Card payment option to make payments using your credit card.

To begin your payment process, please choose one of the payment options, below.

ACH Banking Payments

Prodigy Leadership Academy’s ACH payment system allows for fast and easy payment of school accounts. After a simple sign up process, you can quickly transfer payment from your bank account to the school bank account with the click of a button. Transactions by this method are secured by Profitstars and will give you an immediate receipt as well as track and document all payments to the school for your referral.

PLA highly encourages payment via this method and especially the recurring payment option for tuition. Simply set your tuition payment up one time x 12 monthly payments…and you’re done! Your payment will be sent from your bank account to PLA bank account on the day specified (just like a check). Recurring payment details can be viewed any time on your account home page. One time payments can also be made for field trips, lunch accounts, etc.

It’s simple, fast and secure.

Get started now, by first setting up your account. Click on the ACH Bank button below and follow the directions.

ACH Banking Help

Below are the directions for setting up a new account and making a payment.

1. Click on “Create Account” and complete all information, then click Register.

2. You will receive a confirmation email with your temporary password.

3. Sign in to your account and complete the bank payment information (bank routing and account information from your check).

That’s it. Your account will be set up and you can make payments toward regular school related charges such as: Tuition, After School Care, Friday Care, Field Trips or any other normal school charge. Please note that payments to PTO, Student Council or for student/classroom collection, should not be paid through this portal.

1. Click on the “ACH Bank Payment” button.

2. Log into your ACH Bank Payment Account.

3. Enter the amount to pay

4. Choose your payment type: Donation, Tuition or Other

5. Choose the checking or savings account you wish to pay from (if you set up more than one account during your account setup process)

6. Enter your child’s name and the amount you wish to pay.

  • If you wish to pay toward more than just tuition; click on other and note your child’s name and the breakdown of payment you would like.
  • For example; you can pay $100 listing: “Sally Smith/50tuition/30aftercare/20pizza”

          $100 will be transferred with the $50/$30 and $20 being credited to each of the accounts directed.

Credit Card Payments

Prodigy Leadership Academy’s Credit Card payment system allows for fast and easy payment of school accounts.

This method is commonly used to make the following types of transactions:

  • Pizza Day Payments
  • Donations
  • After School Care
  • Friday Care
  • Field Trips
  • One-time Tuition Payments

For recurring payments, please see the ACH Bank Payment option.

Use the form below to process your credit card payment.

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