An Educational Support Program


To offer top-level, supplemental learning support to homeschooled students through project-based, individualized, gifted education experiences.

Mission, Vision, Priorities and Principles, and Blueprint for Learning

Prodigy Bridge will line up with the Prodigy foundational pieces.


Enrollment Documents

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(573) 803-1338

PO Box 2172
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702

232 Sierra Ridge Lane
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Program Elements

  • Students will be classified as homeschooled
  • Parents provide all necessary learning materials and guidance during days at home
  • Report cards
    • Developed by parent
    • Prodigy provides a portion thereof


  • Project-based learning 
  • Student-led inquiry
  • Emphasis on critical-thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration 
  • Multi-age grouping
  • 2 Day week, 8:30-2:30
  • Low ratio high relationship
  • Community as a classroom
  • Individualized support


  • Curriculum 
  • Assessment and report card assistance
  • Additional fee of $80/hour


Project-based learning (PBL)  is an engaging, authentic way to ensure that the student is learning in a maximized way. This approach integrates the various disciplines, includes a variety of resources and develops life-long learning and critical-thinking. Within project-based learning students can be given options and their learning levels can be modified to fit what each student is capable of producing. In other words, the students can grow according to their top-level of understanding. The emphasis is always on excellence. Students practice creativity, communication, collaboration and they learn to ask strategic questions, discover answers, and apply their knowledge. Learning to fail well is also a strategic growth goal that is embedded within project-based learning. In short, PBL is authentic because it resembles what people actually do within various careers. Students who learn in this fashion are practicing the very same types of skills that they will need when they step into a career. Practicing authentic learning experiences leads to increased preparedness for lifelong learning.




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