Our Mission

The Mission of PLA PTO is to support the education of the children at Prodigy Leadership Academy.

  • Establish and maintain an understanding and working relationship between the parents, teachers, and community.
  • Develop a close relationship between the school and home by encouraging parent involvement, supporting PLA’s volunteer requirements, and providing a resource for parents to support each other.
  • Raise funds for supporting the needs of the school, students, and teachers including  programs which are not included in the school’s operating budget.
  • Plan and provide activities which will enhance the educational and social growth of the children both in the school and at home.

Our Priorities

1) Communication. PTO will strive to be intentional in the manner and frequency of how we communicate with parents so that we reach parents most effectively through a variety of sources

  • PLA Families Facebook page, emails, Remind texting app, sandwich board in circle, and flyers home through school

2) Volunteer Expectations. PTO wants to have clear roles for volunteers so that everyone knows what to expect from their volunteer time. We hope to increase volunteer opportunities through clearly communicated time and activity expectations.

  • Varying levels of availability and commitment
  • Link to How to be involved page

3) PTO Meeting Structure. PTO wants to facilitate the best use of meeting time for attendees and committee leads. This will be achieved through pertinent updates and opportunities for attendees to participate in constructive break out sessions regarding financial proposals, committee event planning, and other voting topics.

How To Be Involved

Parents are busy!  Especially at Prodigy!  PLA PTO is intentional in developing opportunities for parents to be involved in the PTO to the level of commitment that they have available.  

1) Very Involved. Volunteer to be a member of the PTO Leadership Team and help run and lead the organization.

2) Pretty Involved. Volunteer to be on an ad hoc committee to help organize an event or fundraiser (think “plan Family Game Night”) or just be a reliable member of one of the standing committees

3) Involved. Volunteer to help with a short-term, specific task (think “bring brownies,” “help setup,” or “chop wood for the bonfire”)

PLA PTO would love to have parents of all involvement levels attend PTO meetings and offer their input on ideas and the direction of the PTO.