Why PLA?

Rigorous academics. Compelling coursework. Achievement at the highest levels. Students inspired to be creative and critical thinkers, while engaging other with empathy and integrity.

A New Approach to Education

The Prodigy Leadership Academy faculty expects students to think critically,master facts and work with diligence and discipline. With their teachers’ support, students learn to take intellectual risks, to apply knowledge, reason an argument, defend a point of view and educate and persuade an audience.The result? A love of learning, a powerful work ethic and the confidence that arises from authentic achievement. 

Unique Opportunities for each Prodigy student 

  • Innovative education for the individual student.
  • Students pursue their intellectual curiosity at the highest level and strive to make meaning from knowledge.
  • Students forge connections between academics and “real world” experience.
  • Challenging coursework motivates students to take intellectual risks, make real world connections, and apply their knowledge with discipline well-beyond their years.
  • An education that embraces rigorous expectations while inspiring students’ motivation.
  • Christian faith is honored, learned and lived.
  • Instruction is tailored to students’ individual needs and interests.